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Hear what our clients have to say about One On One Fitness

”Joe has taught me the proper use of the various free weights and also the importance of good eating habits and importance of these in combination to obtain the maximum benefit from weight training. I have enjoyed jogging and aerobics for at least the last 10 years but never before have I felt as strong nor had I seen such a definite change in my muscle growth as I have while on this program. Joe has taught me exercises for the upper body and legs and the proper use of the various free weights. He has always emphasized safety in that I lift only weight that I can control. I would recommend Joe Behrend’s weight training program to people of all ages.”

Antonia Romero

”Personal fitness training is very important to me and my well being both mentally and physically. I work with a personal trainer three times a week in addition to activities at the health club. Joseph Behrend is one of the best trainers I have worked with. He is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I have worked with him for sometime and I am impressed with his programs and my results. He has designed specific programs for my individual needs and he is continually monitoring the results. He uses his excellent interpersonal people skills to provide encouragement and motivation. I have personally recommended him to my friends and work associates because of his professional performance in this field.”

Betty Haynes

“I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Mr. Joseph Behrend, owner of One on One Fitness. As a professional fitness trainer, it is my observation and experience that Mr. Behrend is highly competent. During the period wherein Mr. Behrend was my trainer, I found him to be thorough, comprehensive, and attentive to my personal fitness needs. He is well-rounded in his training approaches and offers fitness training which is state-of-the-art….I have personally witnessed Mr. Behrend’s customers continuing their fitness training diligently after their association with him. A fact which attests to his positive impact on individuals and their desire to continue working out as a result of his involvement with them. It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr. Joe Behrend as a personal fitness trainer. He is undoubtedly an asset to the field of professional fitness trainers. I hope you have an opportunity to personally experience and benefit from the professional services Mr. Behrend provides. He is indeed a fine person and excellent trainer.”

Maria Palacios, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist

”Joe is a motivated individual with regards to his own training as well as a positive motivator in my training. I have trained for 20 years and have a medical practice partially devoted to sports medicine. It is rare that I meet someone like Joe who has his knowledge of biomechanics and training principles much less who practices those principles.”

Dr. Preston Matthews

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